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Ubitus K.K. (hereinafter Ubitus), a world-leading cloud gaming provider, is partner of Vodafone Italy in the launch of GameNow®, on 14th April. Thanks to GameNow, Vodafone Italy mobile subscribers can now easily enjoy a wide variety of high-quality games.

Once registered, Vodafone GameNow® subscribers can play these games on their preferred devices, including Android phones, iOS phones and PC, everywhere on Vodafone mobile network. Players can choose the device that is most suitable and comfortable to them according to the surrounding, be it a mobile phone on the road or a PC on a desk connected to the Vodafone mobile network. Furthermore, players don’t need to upgrade their devices to enjoy AAA titles that are on offer. With more than 90 game titles and new titles onboarding periodically, the subscription fee of €9.99 per month, after a free-one month trial period. Understanding the importance of localization, Ubitus works closely with Vodafone to select game titles that can resonate with local players, including games in Italian and games by Italian developers.

“We believe cloud game is the future trend; and there is no better place to launch our cloud games service than in Italy, which is often the pioneering country in many industries. We are confident Vodafone Italy will continue to be a trend setter in the cloud game space,” Wesley Kuo, CEO of Ubitus, comments