The Grovedale is a famous pub that also has function rooms for special occasions. These places are differently structured for the people, who hire it. It has wide ranges of the customer base. Its official website: has all the necessary information about the function rooms and its amenities.

7th March 2019

We all know about the specialties of a pub. It is an epitome of enjoyment and relaxation at the same time. The Grovedale is such a place, which has all the amenities of a pub, where you can have the music, fun, and relaxation of the time with food and drinks. At the same time, it has arrangements for celebrating different occasions. Therefore, it is considered as one of the best pubs with function rooms in Australia.

 This facility of the Grovedale has made it quite popular among the people, who like to party in the pub atmosphere. It has the following facilities in it-

    • The parking area that provides the safety of the cars of the visitors.
    • The space arrangements for the guests. This arrangement also includes sitting and dining arrangements.
    • It has the capacity of catering services from 10 to 130 guests.
    • The menu arrangement can be special if the booking is done prior. The arrangements are done on the basis of premium or casual services.
    • It has proper security systems and CCTV in the place for the safety of the guests.
    • The facilities of the staffed bars to provide unlimited drinks, of course as per the package.
    • There is the arrangement for the roaming platters also to entertain the guests with great comfort.
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All these facilities have made the Grovedale as one of the best pubs with function rooms in Australia.

This place is ideal for enjoying and celebrating personal occasions like birthday, wedding anniversary, success party etc for its arrangements and atmosphere. It is so well equipped that even the corporate parties are held here. That means the place is also appropriate for professional celebrations along with the personal ones.

The arrangement of the function room is also management cleverly so that it can neither disturb the other rooms nor the outside atmosphere. It has outstanding arrangements for having different beverages with the appropriate platters to enjoy with the fun activities, music, and dance.

If you are interested to know more in details about The Grovedale, one of the best pubs with function rooms, please follow their official website:


The Grovedale, the renowned pub is also famous for another reason. And that is its function room facilities. It can provide the atmosphere of a pub along with the personal space for having personal celebration and occasions as well.


The Grovedale Hotel
236–258 Torquay Road, Grovedale VIC 3216
PHONE: 03 5243 2814
FAX: 03 5243 6030