27 December 2018 – Ideias e Dicas gives you ideas for activities that you can do with your children, ideas that will develop their dexterity and intellectual skills.
Children nervous system is very labile, and you probably have heard numerous times how fast they can grasp new ideas, and how good is their memory. There are many methods used to foster child’s mind and abilities, but it has been proven in a large number of psychological studies, that children learn quite well and fast by doing various crafting and other child activities. Teachers and other pedagogical staff must various activities that will improve different abilities in children, and it is very important to start doing them as soon as possible, when the brain is malleable and will absorb outside information at a much faster rate. But what kind of exercise or child activity is good for the children? Let me tell you about Ideias e Dicas, a website that focuses on delivering ideas for teachers and other personnel in child care.
There are many activities children can do, and depending on their age, you could start from learning to craft something, or reading a story. One of the objective of a child activity is to create instruments so that pedagogical coordinators, as well as teachers can organize and also coordinate study groups, and reflection, by developing the didactic sequences that can disseminate the practice of interaction with children in reading and writing, thus enabling an integrated reflection for classroom practice. The final objective is to enable the production of the practice reports, as well as the analysis of the students’ production, as well as the elaboration of activities, and didactic sequences that can be duly published for the virtual community. One of the very beautiful and useful skill crochet. Crochet or Crochet is a craftsmanship, made with needle and thread able to make traces and to form drawings. Another skill that will be important in the future and must be learned by children, especially by girls, is makeup. The vast majority of women always want to make a beautiful makeup that can highlight their most striking features. In addition, they still want the makeup to match every type of situation they will face such as work, daytime or nighttime parties.It is possible that they can make a very beautiful and beautiful makeup in a few minutes – and that way they will be beautiful for a party or night event.
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