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26 December, 2018, London, Os Money today announced about the new deals on its most sought-after and speedy loan product, 12 month payday loans. The deals are much more flexible and speedy as compared to the previous one and to the other loan offers in the market. The company aims to make payday funding more and more accessible for the borrowers that look for the instant funds.

To pair the speed of procedures with the new change, the company has done few changes in the website to enhance the speed of application procedure. Now there are New Offers On Every Weekend On the Rate Quotes of the payday 12 month loans. This will continue for next 4 months. Considering the buzz of Christmas, these offers have brought a big boom in the number of applications that Os Money receives. This is also going to add a height in the approval rate.

Eliza Brown, the CEO of the company says – ‘We aggressively work on the financial-well being of the borrowers and for that it is necessary that we keep giving them such surprises. Financial atmosphere is changing at a fast pace and there is a need to understand the perception of the borrowers. With a fast life, it is not possible to invest much time. People are earning well and have a good repayment capacity, but the availability of funds does not parallel that speed and this is why the concept of payday funding has its existence. Os Money is determined to remove every stone from the path of the fund seekers and provide them with a service that deserves to win the tag of ‘real-time financial solution’.