How fun it be to have the most of it during summers?
Rocky Mountain Adventures, has been the source of joy for people since 1993.
They offer kayaking classes, fly- fishing classes and white river rafting adventures. A full rental program for the ones who believe in exploring all alone. They have three locations and four rivers, ready for you take charge on. The main retail store and office is located in Fort Collins at the corner of US. Convenient parking, bathrooms, a place to change.
You will also get a chance to meet their pigeon express.
Choosing from a stressful adventure of travelling and hoping to get to the destination all by yourself, to a relaxing family boat on the upper Colorado fun.

RMA offers whitewater rafting in Colorado from half-day trips to three days of rafting, campaign and hiking.

The Colorado Whitewater offers

– Poudre River Rafting
– Colorado River Rafting
Clear Creek Rafting
– North Platte River Rafting

Let’s get into the depth of what it further subdivides too.

1. Poudre River Rafting
– Colorado’s first and only designated National and Wide and scenic river.
– In a perfect environment, you get the experience of completeness and blissful adventure in thrilling whitewater rafting.

2. Colorado River Rafting
– RMA, provide you with a Half day, Full day and overnight upper Colorado rafting.
– The half-day rafting will take you through with scenic Colorado and canyon walls.
– The full- day rafting gets at the pumphouse launching site and floats to Rancho del Rio.
– Their two and three days adventure makes it the most memorable one. At the pumphouse, they set a camp along with river banks. A perfect evening to enjoy the quietness and calmness of nature.

3. Clear Creek Rafting
– This trip will take you across the wildlife such as river otter, bighorn sheep, and the occasional bear.

4. North Platte River Rafting
– Whitewater rafting journey on the North Platte River begins in the remote northern part of the area known as North Park in Colorado.
– Famous for fishing, cattle ranches and wildlife sums up with a Precambrian metamorphic rock.

Raft Trip Info and Safety
– A complete overview of what is to carry, what is to be taken under care is all listed on the site.
– Before you start with the exciting exploration, you must go through certain safety measures for your own benefit.

Group Planning Guide
– From the leadership of your group till effective discounts. You will get a hold of it all.

Participant Agreement/ Waiver
– An agreement will be provided to you with certain rules and regulations, that would be needed to follow.
– It consists of the risk if activity norm, photo release, minor acknowledgement, medical care, fitness to participate and other miscellaneous norms.

The Estes Park Rafting gives you an opportunity of letting the inner child of you have the time of your life. Exploring the amazing side of nature and water makes it a memorable trip.