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[12/05/2018, Arizona] – SmartFilm offers automotive window tinting services in Mesa, Arizona. It helps vehicle owners protect themselves, their passengers, and their cars from the harmful effects of the sun. The company offers an extensive selection of window tinting options in compliance with the state’s tinting laws (33 percent visible light transmission).
Safeguarding Driver Health and Vehicle Aesthetics
SmartFilm’s window tinting minimizes drivers’ and passengers’ ultraviolet (UV) radiation exposure. Depending on the type clients choose, an automotive window tint filters, blocks, or absorbs the harsh UV rays. It reduces people’s risk of developing health issues like skin cancer, sunburn, premature aging of the skin, and increased signs of sun damage.
Moreover, window tinting increases comfort and security. It can reduce glare and block infrared radiation. This gives car owners increased protection against the Arizona heat, which can reach extreme temperatures.
Providing High-Quality Products and Excellent Service
SmartFilm is a recognized Llumar SelectPro Dealer and is the first one in the Phoenix area. The service center has proven its skills in installing Llumar window films and its extensive knowledge of the products. It also successfully met requirements, such as consistently providing excellent customer service, maintaining a clean shop, and having a mobile- and user-friendly website.
Llumar is a trusted provider of window tints for NASCAR and Formula One cars. Its automotive window tints can block at least 99% of harmful UV rays and controls how much heat goes in for cooler interiors. Additionally, Llumar’s window tints are recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation as an effective shield against UV rays.
About SmartFilm
SmartFilm is a Mesa, Arizona-based automotive services center. The company has more than twenty years of experience providing unparalleled customer support at competitive prices. Its services include windshield repair and replacement, headlight restoration, and clear bra paint protection. SmartFilm has a complete money-back guarantee for unsatisfied customers as part of its commitment to providing high-quality services.
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