Quickly and easily remove all kinds of pollutants from small-scale solar energy generation facilities under 100kw.This is a high-efficiency mainstream solar panel cleaning device that can increase the efficacy of solar energy generation facilities through thorough solar cell facility cleaning.
Solar six-SP6 Features and functions
Access and clean spots up to 6m high with the solar six-SP6 pole.
Supply water by attaching the hose to the brush head. Increasing energy generation effectiveness & maintaining cleanliness the solar panel module is bound to get dirty, as they must be placed outside in order to receive sun rays! Solar six keeps panels clean, improving panel effectiveness by around 10%.
Increase solar panel performance and generation return
Solar panel cleaning kit

The newly developed Solar six quickly and effectively removes old built up dust and grime through superb cleaning ability, and boast the excellent abilities of extending solar panel longevity and increasing solar energy generation by maintaining clean panels.
Solar six Brush
• The Solar six pole is made of aluminum, making it light, but durable.
• Nylon brush does not damage module surface.
• The front part of the brush supplies water,
for easier cleaning.
• Supplies large amounts of water for cleaning
through the 4 nozzles
Solar Six Pole
The Solar six pole is made of aluminum, making it light, but durable.
Angle Adjustment
Angle adjustable cleaning tool
• It is possible to wash variously according to the angle of solar control panel.
• Can rotate up to 120 degrees
• The angle of the panel differs for each solar power plant.
• SOLAR SIX is a solar panel cleaning tool that allows users to adjust the angle manually.

Solar Cleaning Tools – You can quickly remove the dirt and dust that has been accumulated for a long time to maintain cleanliness. Solar Panel Washing Soap – If snow is on the solar, no more power is generated. Failure to remove the eye may cause panel failure.