Here is one product the water bottle pump that really offers you a wonderful experience to have the water easily dispensed from the water container into a glass or any other jar without any effort. Yes, you can easily fix the automatic water pump to the water container and just press the button to have the water flow into your glass and stop it. This is a simple solution to have the water from a can without the necessity to bend or lift it for pouring water but just simply fit the water pump and have water flow just like from a tap. Be Aliens is one company that is bringing this innovative product in different models for you to make a choice. Based on the model the features may vary a bit but the sole purpose is to easily dispense water from a water can or any other container without much effort. Moreover, the automatic water pump is battery operated for you to on and off the flow of water through pressing a button. The battery lasts very long for almost 10 to 15 days on a single recharge and to dispense 2 water cans daily.

The water bottle pump is specially designed that can be used with ease to pump out water from a 5 litre-5 gallon drinking water bottle. The batteries last for almost 8 to 10 months being used to pump out 5 gallons per week usage and shall be able to discharge 260 gallons of water when used continuously. It is also possible to adjust the bottle cap as per the depth of the container and also slides according to the height of the bottle. This automatic water pump easily fits to most of the standard water bottle size and is simple to assemble and operate. The pump is designed in such a manner that there are no drips or leakages and can be easily applied to all liquids with low viscosity other than water. This water pump is surely the best option that can be used to pump water from the containers at home, office, restaurants, hospitals, parties etc. The water pump is easy to clean and in case of any trouble it can be sorted out at the authorised service centre of the company. There are also some models which work on dual bases of both electricity power as well as battery whichever mode you want to switch on. The company is offering them at the best discount price for everyone to buy.

Be Aliens is an innovative brand launched in 2015 by its proprietor company Aqsa Solutions. Be Aliens developed India’s First rechargeable Drinking Water Pump. Our products are designed to assist people in their daily routine and help make their lives easier. Get more detail on Water can pump look into our Website @

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