17th November 2018, Indore (Madhya Pradesh)- The smppprovider.com is happy to announce the launch of their new development in the SMS industry. You might not be heard about the term SMPP SMS gateway, well it is the most widely used SMS gateway in the world. It is often preferred by many businessmen’s due to the distinct technical advantages that they provide. The well-defined technical advantages offered by this reliable SMS gateway have already risen the demand for an SMPP provider that helps several kinds of business enterprises, telecommunication industry and other institutes to send mass text messages as per their marketing & communication requirement.

The acronym of SMPP actually stands for ‘Short Message Peer-to-Peer Protocol’’. Our experienced team members have worked hard to launch this product on behalf of our company. Due to the popularity of SMS marketing technique as a direct form of communication, we understand clients requirement and come up with this robust & highly secured SMPP gateway. As we know the demand for bulk SMS services is high as compared to other traditional forms of promotion and communication so it is quite important to provide the solution that caters every business requirement. The high delivery of hundreds or thousands of text messages is often preferable by big sized marketers and owners.

Through our SMPP solutions, you can send a large volume of traffic to the SMPP Server for its deliverability. The SMPP gateway is used for sending & receiving messages to and from GSM, TDMA, CDMA cell phones. SMPP Is a level-7 IP industry standard protocol and it is globally known for facilitating speedy delivery of messages on mobile numbers.

If you choose the connectivity of SMPP instead of sending text messages using a GSM modem you can enjoy the following advantages-

1. Since the SMPP protocol is TCP/IP based there is no requirement of GSM modem hardware.

2. The users can respond on a simple shortcode or long virtual number which is not possible while sending messages from a GSM phone.

3. Our robust, scalable comes with high throughput up to around 300 messages per second.

4. It is even possible to allow an alphanumeric sender Id with the SMPP messaging protocol.

Various business clients have already used our SMPP for connecting with SMSC. In SMPP terms, a client knows an ESME however, it is useful in exchanging data by a reliable SMPP connection. The SMS that is sent to the SMS center is known as mobile terminated messages as they’re directly delivered on a mobile phone. The information that is received from the SMSC is known as Mobile-originated messages as they come from sender mobile phone.

About Thesmppprovider:-

We are working as a leader in the SMS services for many years and we always believe in offering best client satisfaction. We provide you SMPP client and SMPP server to begin your SMS marketing. In the SMPP client, you can connectivity of various SMPP providers. For more information visit our website http://smppprovider.com/