The full form of SMS is Short Message Service. This Short Message Service implies the electronic message sent from one mobile to other mobile device or devices. The word ‘bulk’ means the huge amount. Therefore the term Bulk SMS means sending a huge number of SMS to a large number of recipients at one time itself. Companies who are willing to send SMS to their client purchases a large amount of SMS message credits from the SMS service providers. Buying SMS in large number ensures that it will cost cheaper than sending the regular SMS as they are purchased in large quantity.

Features to look out for

In India, companies are increasingly taking advantage of the affordability and reliability of the bulk SMS providers. They offer the much-needed permissibility and stability that very of the other marketing tools could provide with. The features that are provided by their service is just mind-blowing and definitely worth incorporating. The features of Bulk SMS service are:

Controlling the database of the mobile number and make use of the random number generator tool.

The Control panel is very easy to use with JQUERY, AJAX and HTML 5.

You can remove the Duplicate Number easily by auto-identifying them while sending the SMS.

Multiple routes of networking are available that you can choose based on your requirement and availability of that route in that particular region where the number is currently available
Scrubbing of the DND in the real-time and Re Credit of the SMS in case it is sent to the DND enabled number.

You can easily include or exclude any number during the campaign.

You can input the number either via Copy and Paste or Select from Contacts or via TXT Upload.

Supports multiple -languages with various regional language support.

In the end

One of the essential factors that make one bulk SMS provider superior to the other provider is the availability of the superior network. Ideally, a good SMS service provider in India can deliver messages to on an average eight hundred network operator in more than two hundred countries. To curb the sole dependency on the mobile networking, the message delivery service is laden with the intelligent routing technology and the sophisticated load balancing technology. This technology also ensures that the cost of the international route is lowered to the lowest possible limits. It also has the tie-up with more than thirteen International local SMSC’s.
With the passing of time, digital marketing has taken the lion’s share of campaigning. However, the service provided by the bulk SMS is still rendered as one of the most reliable methods to market in those places where there is weak or no accessibility of the internet.