Isis Property Services is based in Cramlington, Northumberland, and is now able to provide protection against birds for buildings of all types and heights.

Birds can actually cause a serious amount of damage to buildings and can also be a health hazard. Over the UK as a whole, they cause millions of pounds worth of damage every year. This is partly because bird droppings contain uric acid, and this eats away at many substrates, in particular tar-based roofing materials. Droppings that are allowed to accumulate will eventually cause the roof to leak and can quite easily cut the lifetime of a roof in half.

Of course, air conditioning systems are mounted on roofs, and bird droppings can easily damage these as well. Not only that, there is a health risk to anyone working on or around such systems, and it is not unknown for maintenance technicians to refuse to work on air conditioning units that are covered in bird droppings.

Many inner-city buildings have car parks integrated into them, and birds can find their way into these and roost here too. Most bird droppings will eat their way into the paint on vehicles in such car parks, and this is especially true of “pest” birds such as pigeons and seagulls.

It is not just bird droppings which can damage buildings. Bird nests can also cause all sorts of problems because the birds will often build their nests in gutters, drainpipes, and corners of buildings where they are located. When the drainage system is blocked, there is a build-up of water which can and does actually cause roofs to collapse.

Birds’ nests in electrical equipment can cause fires, as well. The will often nest in electric signs, and installers of such signs blame bird nests for most of the fires experienced.

Isis Property Services can protect buildings against the invasion of birds with bird spike installation, and in seaside areas, seagull spike installation. This prevents the birds from landing and nesting in gutters, drainpipes, and other places where their presence is unwanted.

Bird netting installation is also used extensively to protect all sorts of areas, such as under bridges where pigeons frequently nest, and which often results in unwary pedestrians suffering from droppings. Whatever the problem with birds on buildings, Isis Property Services has a solution for it.