The Simpsons Get Supersized

Idiot Box Art announces what limited edition art exclusives they will have in store for this years DesignerCon.

Artists on the rise Idiot Box Art’s handcrafted high end wall art collectibles, will make its first DesignerCon debut, showcasing some of the companies most sought after collectibles at this years convention from November 16-18, 2018 in Anaheim, CA.

Taking center stage along side other life sized cartoon replicas will be Idiot Box Arts’ handmade super-sized 6ft x 4ft wooden Simpsons’ piece titled “Family Time.” Often inspired by pop culture and cartoons Idiot Box Art turns wooden planks into valuable wooden art pieces by first hand-cutting the image out with a jigsaw, and then meticulously painting each detail with acrylic and finishing each one with multiple layers of resin.

Reserved for serious collectors, the “Family Time” con exclusive will be limited to one, signed, numbered and will retail at $5,200. This piece will also be available as a limited edition 11in x 14in print price TBA.

6ft “Family Time” and over 100+ new wall art pieces, limited edition pins, sticker packs and more for all budgets at Idiot Box Art (booth #2113).

For the whole price and more information and