Lady Audrey Linette Cockfield Invites Readers into Her Life Experience, in Her Spiritually Enlightening Book “The Up Hills and Down Hills of the Preacher’s Wife”

In response to God’s calling Lady Linette started the ministry in 1978. Her husband, Reverend Dr. Alfred Samuel Cockfield is presently the Bishop of God’s Battalion of Prayer Church (GBPC), a worldwide organization with 18 churches in Nigeria; two in St. Vincent and the Grenadines; one in Cape Town, South Africa and two in the Republic of Guyana, South America; one in Cahokia, Illinois, outside of St. Louis, Missouri; one in Wilmington, Delaware, USA; one in Queens, New York and one in Brooklyn, NY (where the main Headquarters is located).

Lady Linette started the Battalion Christian Academy (BCA) in 1983. Just recently, their son started a middle school facilitating children from 6th grade through 8th. Religious school grades pre-kindergarten through fifth grade. She has initiated medical missions in Africa and South America.

The book features literature divided into five categories: self-help references, autobiographies, biographies, fiction and general works. This includes memory verses and passages that make it a very compelling Bible companion book.

Read the book and be enlightened with God’s word as the Author chronicles the highlights and significant events of their spiritual journey together as they worship and do God’s work.

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The Up Hills and Down Hills of the Preacher’s Wife: The Fantastic and Unique Things About the Preacher’s Wife, The Congregation and Community-at-Large
Audrey Linette Cockfield
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Publication Date: August 2021
Genre: Religious Book – it tells what usually a minister’s wife has to go through.
Target Audience: Ministers’ wives, husbands, people who would become a minister’s wife in training or being trained.

About the Author
Lady Linette founded Battalion Christian Academy (BCA) in 1983 a private religious school grades Pre-Kindergarten through fifth grade. She has directed medical missions in Africa, South America, the Caribbean, and the USA. Lady Linette also serves as the Church Administrator and greets visiting clergy and missionaries.

Some of Lady Linette’s favorite hobbies and leisure activities include travel, gardening, listening to music, reading, outdoor activities such as bicycling and most of all family fellowship. Lady Linette celebrates fifty-two wonderful years of marriage to her husband. God has blessed them with three children (one deceased), seven grandchildren; one great grand, and they reside in New York City.