New Advisory Group Launched to Meet a Changing Business Environment

 A new consortium for independent consultants has recently been launched to address the future of business. Collaborative Business Support (CBS) is providing both a solution to the new paradigms created during the pandemic, but it also redefines the way we work.

The pandemic created a myriad of issues experienced by both the employer and the employee as shown in quiet-quitting, quiet-hiring, worker shortages and talent gaps. Add to the mix the global inflation woes impacting every market segment from energy to food to distribution channels, eventually impacting main-street U.S.A.

Collaborative Business Support is a network of experienced professional advisors providing customized solutions for public, private and nonprofit organizations. Their network model provides unique solutions for clients needing to supplement their staff or to fill operational expertise gaps.

The cross-sector knowledge of their advisors produces customized and effective solutions for clients. By complementing each other’s skill sets and strengths to create a dynamic team approach. They deliver practical, tangible results through integrated expertise and best practices.

CBS executive director Linda Rhinehart said, “Integrating an outsourcing plan with the operational process is a smart option especially during times of uncertainty. Contractual professional support has shown to provide a cost-effective solution by increasing operational efficiencies by 20%.”

Rhinehart added, “When organizations engage with Collaborative Business Support, we provide the outsourced talent and flexible solutions to help clients innovate and grow their operations. Clients can then avoid the costs incurred by full-time employees such as overhead, training, office space and benefits.”

“Clients benefit from our advisor network model, which combines practice areas for a multidisciplinary approach to solving specific challenges and requirements. Our process involves analyzing operations, identifying issues, implementing strategies and developing processes to achieve successful outcomes.” Rhinehart said.

About Collaborative Business Support
Collaborative Business Support is a network of experienced professional advisors providing customized solutions for public, private and nonprofit organizations. Our seasoned experts integrate proven methodologies and best practices to deliver practical, tangible results for our clients. We bring a wide range of expertise to help build, manage and strengthen organizations. To learn more about CBS, please visit our website. To engage CBS or to join their team, please see our Contact Us webpage.

Collaborative Business Support
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Hong Kong – Land and Development Advisory Committee holds meeting

Land and Development Advisory Committee holds meeting


     At its meeting today (May 19), the Land and Development Advisory Committee (LDAC) was briefed on the pilot scheme to incentivise private sector redevelopment in Yau Ma Tei and Mong Kok through transfer of plot ratio, as well as the legislative proposal to streamline the arrangement for extension of land leases.
     Members supported the proposed pilot scheme on transfer of plot ratio in Yau Ma Tei and Mong Kok through processing of planning applications under Section 16 of the Town Planning Ordinance (Cap. 131) by the Town Planning Board. Members acknowledged that the pilot scheme would expedite urban renewal as well as release development potential of sites, such as those of smaller size, and transfer it to sites with higher development intensity for redevelopment, while at the same time enable the original small sites to be developed into open space benefitting the community, or other community facilities, or even to be put to conservation purposes. Members also welcomed the introduction of various incentives under the scheme, such as interchangeability of domestic and non-domestic plot ratio. Members suggested the Government to articulate clearly the vision of the pilot scheme and its public good in terms of urban improvement and planning benefits for the relevant localities. Members considered that the processing of applications under the pilot scheme should comply with the established and treasured planning principles such as those related to visual impact and urban design aspects. Members also advised the Government to ensure that effective and enforceable means should be put in place for securing the intended planning gains in the application sites according to the approved proposal. Members took note that a review would be conducted in 2025 with a view to enhancing the operational details of the scheme, which includes the possibility of extending the scheme to other districts, so as to better facilitate market players to make use of the transfer of plot ratio mechanism to expedite urban renewal. The Development Bureau and the Planning Department would take into account Members’ views to refine the scheme and the relevant Town Planning Board guidelines.
     Members welcomed the Government’s legislative proposal for extending upcoming expiring land leases in a streamlined manner in preparation for their expiry from June 2025 onwards. Members noted that the Government promulgated a clear land policy since July 1997 to handle extension of general purpose leases (viz. those for commercial, residential or industrial uses) at its sole discretion for a term of 50 years without charging an additional premium but subject to payment of an annual rent. Members understood that the proposed legislation would not change the said policy, but would simplify the extension mechanism such that a general purpose lease could be extended by operation of the law, without requiring owners to undergo the cumbersome procedures of executing lease extension documents as in the existing practice. Members agreed that this legislative proposal would have tremendous significance in giving confidence to the public and investors, as well as maintaining the sustainable development of the property market in Hong Kong. Members suggested the Government to present the messages clearly to the public and continue to secure their support on this important legislative proposal. The Development Bureau will take into account Members’ suggestions as it continues to draft the bill, which will be introduced into the Legislative Council in the second half of 2023.

Hong Kong – The Advisory Council on Environment discusses Additional Information prepared for environmental impact assessment report on partial development of Fanling Golf Course site

The Advisory Council on Environment discusses Additional Information prepared for environmental impact assessment report on partial development of Fanling Golf Course site


The following is issued on behalf of the Advisory Council on the Environment:
     The Advisory Council on the Environment (ACE) held a meeting today (May 3) and discussed the Additional Information prepared for the environmental impact assessment (EIA) report on Technical Study on Partial Development of Fanling Golf Course Site – Feasibility Study (the Study).
     At its meeting held on August 19, 2022, the ACE decided that the EIA report on the Study would neither be endorsed nor rejected after two rounds of voting and detailed discussion, but the project proponent (i.e. the Civil Engineering and Development Department) would be required to provide Additional Information to the Director of Environmental Protection (DEP). On August 24, 2022, the ACE issued its comments on the EIA report to the DEP in accordance with the EIA process stipulated under the Environmental Impact Assessment Ordinance and advised that the project proponent should submit Additional Information on eight key topics for the DEP’s consideration to facilitate his final decision on whether to approve the EIA report.
     The project proponent submitted a draft document on the Additional Information to the ACE on April 18, 2023. At today’s meeting, the project proponent reported the content of the draft Additional Information and sought the ACE’s comments on it.
     After listening to the report of project proponent, members unanimously considered that six out of the eight key topics of the Additional Information, namely conducting an additional bird survey for seven months and an additional moth survey for two months; providing further details of the bat survey; formulating tree compensation and management plans; submitting detailed analysis on the hydrological impact and the shading impact of the proposed housing blocks to the trees were in general sufficient to establish the conclusion of the EIA report.
     As for the other two key topics of the Additional Information, namely a detailed layout plan of the proposed housing development and information on how the grave situated in Sub-Area 1 should be handled, members agreed that the project proponent has not fully addressed the concern of the ACE. The ACE held the view that in case DEP decides to approve the EIA report, he should consider imposing a condition to request the project proponent to amend the detailed housing development layout plan to entail the preservation of the existing around 0.4 hectares of woodland. The ACE noted that the project proponent is in contact with affected descendent and the matter should be discussed and followed up between the two parties. The ACE will provide written comments to the project proponent in due course.

Hong Kong – Labour Advisory Board Election of Employee Representatives results

Labour Advisory Board Election of Employee Representatives results


     The 2023-2024 Labour Advisory Board (LAB) Election of Employee Representatives was completed today (November 12). A total of 13 candidates ran for election. Representatives from 843 registered employee unions turned up to vote.

     The results of the election (according to the order in the list of candidates) are as follows:



No. of votes obtained

Mr Chong Yuk-shing


Hong Kong Security Guards Alliance
Mr Hugo Kan Kwok-leung


Alliance of Construction Industry Technical, Clerical and Managerial Staff
Ms Julie Lai Mei-chu*


Rights Association of Hawker Control Officers
Mr Lin Wai-ming


Hong Kong Construction Industry Professional Plant-Operators and Mechanics’ Association
Mr Lam Wai-kong*


Motor Transport Workers General Union
Ms Tam Kam-lin*


The Federation of Hong Kong & Kowloon Labour Unions
Ms Lai Na*


Hong Kong Social Welfare Employees Association
Mr Jacky Ko Chung-kit


KOL Workers Association
Mr Lo Tai-chi*


Hong Kong & Kowloon Restaurant & Cafe Workers General Union
Mr Lam Chi-sing


Hong Kong Construction and Engineering Personnel Association
Mr Siu Tak-hung


Hong Kong Environmental Protection Industry Staff Union
Mr Lo Chak-man

Acting President,

Government Educational Staff Union
Mr Fung Chuen-chung


Hong Kong Civil Servants General Union

* Elected 

     The LAB is a high-level and representative tripartite consultative body appointed by the Secretary for Labour and Welfare (in exercise of the authority delegated by the Chief Executive) to advise the Commissioner for Labour on labour matters, including legislation and Conventions and Recommendations of the International Labour Organisation. The Government will later announce the appointment of members to the LAB for a term of two years starting from January 1, 2023.

Canada – Pest Management Advisory Council (PMAC) Meeting scheduled for October 3 and 4, 2022.

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The Pest Management Advisory Council (PMAC) is a multi-stakeholder group that fosters communication and dialogue among stakeholders and with the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA), and provides advice directly to the Minister of Health on policies and issues relating to the federal pest management regulatory system.


Member biographies
Summary of affiliations and interests
Terms of Reference

The next PMAC meeting is scheduled to take place October 3 and 4, 2022. To register to attend as an observer, contact the PMAC Secretariat.

Contact the Council
Contact the Council by e-mail:

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