Press Release

Sep 15, 2023

Orlando Credit Union Drives Extended Service with Extended Drive-Thru Hours

ORLANDO, Fla., September 15, 2023 (

Beginning October 2nd2023, Orlando Credit Union will extend drive-thru hours of operation at branch drive-thru locations until 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. “We’re about meeting our members with service offerings when they need service,” stated David Duncan, Head of Marketing, Communications and Public Relations for the organization.  

“I see other credit unions focusing on acquisition of other institutions with gimmicks of engagement with people. At Orlando Credit Union, we may offer promotions of engagement, but our core focus is now and always will be, member service. We care about people and offer help with service that is differentiating, impactful, and member designed,” added Duncan. “So, while some institutions center on a consistent reimagine of who they are and what they do, at Orlando Credit Union we center on members first. Here we invest in each member with services and products to better enable banking. That’s what we do. We’re now gladly keeping drive-thru hours open later beginning in October when members need us. At Orlando Credit Union, we invest in members, services, products, and locations. Here, most importantly, we invest in you! Come JOIN us today,” stated David. 

Orlando Credit Union is here to help you utilize better banking solutions to be the leader of your financial future. Our service and product offerings are member-designed, enabling ease of banking and building wealth. Here we are #investinginU.

Source: Orlando Credit Union