Fine Art Shippers has sponsored the publication of two art books dedicated to significant collections with exciting stories behind them.

Fine Art Shippers has sponsored the issue of two art books that will be released later this year. The one is “Kenda and Jacob Bar-Gera and their Unique Collection: The Untold Story of Passion for Art and Dedication to Building Bridges,” which was written by the Israeli sociologist of culture and politics Dr. Alek D. Epstein and art historian Sofia Birina. The other book, titled “Russian Icon,” represents a catalog with detailed descriptions of antique Russian icons from a private collection, accompanied by articles written by Anna Ivannikova, Sergey Khodorkovskiy, Dr. Wendy Salmond, and the previously mentioned Dr. Alek D. Epstein. Thanks to Fine Art Shippers, both books will soon be published, each contributing to the related body of knowledge.

The first book, “Kenda and Jacob Bar-Gera and their Unique Collection: The Untold Story of Passion for Art and Dedication to Building Bridges,” tells the story of Israeli art collectors and Holocaust survivors who assembled a distinct collection of Russian non-conformist art. Even though the public interest in public collections is growing, the Bar-Gera collection still remains very underestimated. The book is not only an acknowledgment of its significance and a commemoration of the couple’s heritage but also a research project that will massively contribute to the study and understanding of Russian cultural history and the complex relationships between Israel and such countries as Germany and Russia. Fine Art Shippers became a major partner in the bilingual edition of the book.

The second book is the catalog of the collection of antique Russian icons brought together by Fine Art Shippers’ founder Oleg Kushnirsky. Apart from religious works of art, it comprises articles by Dr. Wendy Salmond, a professor in the Fine Arts department at Chapman University, and Anna Ivannikova, the leading expert in the field of Russian icon art. The descriptions were provided by Sergey Khodorkovskiy and Dr. Alek D. Epstein. The catalog consists of numerous first-class pieces made by the icon painters of the most prominent iconographic centers of the Russian Empire, including Mstyora, Palekh, and Kholuy. The icons of the Resurrection – The Harrowing of Hades are the main highlights of the collection. However, there are also other icons in a variety of styles and techniques featured in the book. Overall, it reflects the rich stylistic variance of Imperial-period Russian iconography and solidifies the cultural and historical importance of the antique pieces that can tell a lot about the past.

Both books will be published later this year with the assistance of Fine Art Shippers. The company is known for supporting art projects of any magnitude. It was a promotional sponsor of Asian Art in London, Nova Frontier Film Festival, the international group exhibition “Glitch: Aesthetic of the Pixels” by Platform 101, and many more.

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