Kings Of Carlisle also known as K O C was a band formed by frontman Russell Leedy and the late guitarist and Russell’s best friend Keith back in 2018. Russell writes, produces and performs every song in KOC. Operating within the realms of rock, soul, jazz, gospel and country, Russell displays admirable artistry. He sings with his warm voice, exuding high musicianship, enthusiasm and sincerity making the music he performs infectious.

“Waiting on You” is K O C’s 8th release which arrived on September 16 to all major streaming platforms. This is an emotion-filled that tells the tale of someone who has fallen in love with a girl that doesn’t exist.

This single is accompanied by a music video that will blend the perfect visuals and scenes for a viewer’s better understanding of the inspiration behind this powerful tune. The story is centered around a “catfish” and a pretend love. The video features beautiful scenery and was filmed in Miami by David Liz Films. The video will undeniably get you hooked as you enjoy the confident and captivating vocal performance in Russell’s distinctive weathered tenor that is backed by absolutely first-class buy campral india instrumentation.

Be sure to check the rest of K O C’s impressive catalog.

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