Following the thoughts and beliefs of others without taking the time to stop and think about your own thoughts can make for a terrible decision, as without thinking for oneself, many mysteries and misunderstandings can take place, as the importance of having a vast number of perspectives is what helps develop the heart, mind, and body.

“Stop Trying to Prove You’re Right and Start Proving God Is Right” is a book written by Eugene Abe. It is about his dreams and revelations that regard the need for people to think for themselves and to make the right decisions while keeping God in their hearts and minds. The overall lesson is that when we read and study the words of God, we should approach each line with an open mind, to best allow us to understand each message.

Having the pleasure of reading such beautiful poetry that not only soothes the heart but the mind as well is a wonderful experience as the poetic nature of the writing helps with the idea of taking a closer look at every word of God and seeking out every possible meaning that could be entailed by them.

Stop Trying to Prove You’re Right and Start Proving God Is Right

Written by: Eugene Abe

EBook: $2.99

Paperback: $23.90

Copies of this heart-warming book are available for purchase via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and GoToPublish. Grab a copy and have your heart set aflutter by the inspirational and heartfelt poems found within the pages of this book.

About the Author

Eugene has been a devout believer in the Christian faith for over 60 years and pays little attention to the qualms of men, choosing instead to devote his time and energy to the words of God, putting his faith towards a level of zeal that is both impressive and inspiring.