The activity feed will serve personalized content to users as per their interests and likings on the platform. Users can also enjoy fresh development on the platform and creator’s profiles, stay up to date with their communities and listen to the fresh perspective from the rising creators.

Content creators also get an opportunity to create posts that contain text, video, audio or their upcoming live audio rooms on the platform. Co-founder Cody Harvey also mentioned that Breakout activities will give creators an ability to express their thoughts and valuable insights with the world. Where people can give their feedback and engage with their favorite voices.

Breakout: Audio Social Networking platform’s users will also get an option to react on their favorite posts by giving them claps, love, like, laugh, celebration and a rocket reaction to please the creators. The sharing option will also let users share creator’s updates on the platform as well as outside the platform.

Breakout audio app will give creators an opportunity to host paid audio rooms. This will help creators generate a new potential revenue stream.

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