Best Seller Publishing announces the release of Tamika Thomas’s new book, “The Sensitive Stone: A Transformational Journey to Discovering your Inner Rock.” It will be available for free download in the Amazon Kindle Store until December 31st.

In the eyes of many, people who are too emotional are coined too sensitive. They do not have a “backbone” and need to have “thick skin.” While this is true that we are “too sensitive,” it is also true that we have this amazing ability to constantly overextend ourselves to help others through their trials and tribulations. We love too hard, lose ourselves in other people’s ideas of us, and exhaust ourselves, succumbing to emotional and mental instability such as having meltdowns, anxiety, and anger issues.

This “journeying” is for those who are ready to transition from being the go-to doormat to becoming the STONE that courageously and unapologetically says “NO!” It is for those who have reached their limits and are ready to cultivate and master the art of their own truth and happiness.

Part 1: Being a Sensitive one—You discover the patterns leading to the detrimental habits that caused you to lose yourself.

Part 2: Becoming a Sensitive Stone—you learn to “toughen up” while maintaining your compassion.

Part 3: Balancing the Stone—with any power there is balance that must be exercised otherwise you risk losing yourself again.

Part 4: Affirmations and Practices—These little gems remind you of your efforts no matter how small they are and help you continue to grow into the self you are meant to be!

As one embarks on this journey, they are still maintaining their compassionate nature, but through their newfound inner strength, they will live confidently, boldly, and peacefully.

Here’s to you!

“The Sensitive Stone” by Tamika Thomas will be free and available for download on Amazon for 5 days (12/27/2021 – 12/31/2021) at:

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About the Author:

T. S. Thomas has been a frequent contributor for Flawless-Life Magazine as a Lifestyle Content Writer, focusing on emotional and spiritual well-being. Since then spiritual growth has continued to be her focus. Embarking on her own journey to discovering inner peace, she found her true purpose—to experience the beauty of life and to guide others through their trials so they may embark on their own journey to discovering inner peace. To showcase her level of creativity, she has also attended The Institute of Children’s Literature and though her focus is in the non-fiction arena, she has written a fiction novel, “The Black Stone”, which largely touches on developing self as it brings the characters from the pains and struggles of life to the gains of strength and courage.

“Writing is all I’ve ever known, and I find that words are the healing stones for the most helpless of souls and the most dying of hearts. If your will and desire to transform your life are as strong as your pain, then there is a jewel to be found in the darkest corner of your life.” -T. S. Thomas