A growing leader in search engine optimization, SEO National wins bid to assist Ware Landscaping with website optimization and increase online customer acquisition within Naperville and the greater Chicago area.

An entrepreneur himself, President of SEO National Damon Burton, is no stranger to the challenges business owners face in building and maintaining an online presence. Burton and his team have been fine-tuning their process and expertise since the company’s inception in 2007. Despite the ever-changing internet environment, they have realized great success, earning a reputation as a leader in SEO and bringing them 100% inbound customers. SEO National is proud to use its tools to help hard-working entrepreneurs like Michael Ware grow their company online.

Officially, Ware Landscaping was founded in 2000. However, Ware began developing his skills and talents in lawn care early, mowing lawns for neighbors when he was 14 years old. His parents have been an integral part of his business ventures from the beginning and still are today. Specializing in yard drainage, snow removal, hardscaping, and landscaping, Ware Landscaping is committed to excellence and believes its top-quality workmanship can positively impact the families they serve, providing outdoor spaces where memories are made.

“I don’t see many businesses owned by someone who has been building it since they were a teen,” said Burton. “Improving yards for homeowners in the Naperville area is truly a passion of Mike and his family. With proper search engine optimization, I can boost the page rank for their company and help them reach customers online, effectively growing the business.”

Paid online advertising campaigns account for a large portion of internet income. For Burton, however, there’s another way. He has never used paid ads to grow his own business or promote the website of any of his clients. Instead, he relies on building a customer’s online visibility through organic means – optimizing their website and providing exceptional content.

“Companies spend thousands each year paying to show up on a search page and then are frustrated when they stop paying, and their company disappears,” remarked Burton. “They only have a top spot when they pay for it. When we do our job right, our methods earn clients a spot at the top of the search results because they offer the product or service or information that people are looking for. The results can be a little slower in coming, but they last.”

SEO National has managed SEO campaigns for clients along the Wasatch Front in Utah, as well as nationwide companies. Their clientele includes growing start-ups, family-owned businesses, as well as large corporations.

To learn about SEO National and how they use search engine optimization to help businesses like Ware Landscaping show up higher in the search results without paying for advertising, call 1-855-SEO-NATL (1-855-736-6285) or go to www.SEOnational.com.

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