Electro Standards Laboratories, a US electronics manufacturer located in Cranston, RI, now accepts P-Card as payment for government Micro Purchase Contracts. ESL now allows Government Purchase Card Holders to make purchases for electronic communication products such as network switches, interface converters and cable assemblies using these cards. In addition, Electro Standards also provides TAA Compliant products through GSA Schedule Contract GS35F0286V. Hundreds of data communication switches and fiber optic switches are available through the GSA Schedule and can now be purchased online through P-Cards.

As a GSA Schedule vendor, ESL provides TAA Compliant data communication products such as AB computer network switches, including Fiber Optic and USB. These switch boxes support a variety of communication switching applications such as video/audio surveillance, transportation/traffic control, as well as industrial automation and robotics with computer peripheral switching control for devices such as pc’s, printers, cameras, microphones, video screens, etc. As a GSA vendor, ESL can provide these products directly to federal, state and local government agencies, entities and programs. The acceptance of P-Card as payment for these products further facilitates the purchasing process for government agencies, entities and programs.

The GSA schedule program streamlines the procurement process to help government agencies concentrate on the task at hand – controlling and protecting their data by providing a fallback switch solution to reroute data (audio, video, etc.) in the event of an outage or remotely control a switch to take the network completely offline in the event of a network attack.

Federal, State, and local agencies can obtain information about ESL’s GSA Schedule GS35F0286V on the GSA Advantage website or by contacting ESL directly at 401-943-1164 or online chat www.electrostandards.com.

To learn more about Electro Standards Laboratories, visit their About Us webpage here: https://www.electrostandards.com/about-us/

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