Butters made from nuts (not true butter) have been around for just 2-3 years and are already more famous than peanut butter, everyone’s favorite. The reason is many want to go vegan (to go zero waste) in light of the irreversible damage found to be done by high carbon footprints.

Vegan food is any non-dairy and non-meat product. It also must not be derived by an animal (e.g. honey). Many nutritionists suggest that vegan or vegetarian (non-meat) diets have improved health and kept risky factors in check.

Because of the demand for more vegan products, people discovered and experimented with different things and one fine (sure-shot) thing that came out of this was nut butter. Nut butter is made by grinding any type of nut. This can be used like butter (or as a spread) and has additional chunky flavors. Many non-nuts are included in this category like almond, walnut, hemp seed, pumpkin seed, etc.

These are used as dips, spreads and many prefer eating them (plainly). Nut butter has come under unfair criticism about how it has a high calorific value and is fatty. But that’s the only fact that is being sold. Nut butter is, in fact, high in proteins and the fat in it has proved to lower cholesterol levels (keeping type 2 diabetes in check). The fat content is of the healthy type. They also have no syrup and sugar added.

These natural spreads are recommended for all types of people. Apart from being famous for veganism, these organic kinds of butter are growing in demand as natural and unadulterated products. In today’s age, with suspicion lingering around every type of food product (even naturals), these spreads are much favored by parents of young children. Nut spreads have become famous among everyone, be it vegans, vegetarians, or even non-vegetarians.

Growing and gaining a standing ground in different cuisines, nut butter has been around since a long time. For example, chickpea butter is hummus and that has been in the Middle-Eastern cuisine for a long time. In many cuisines, small amounts of spreads (made up of almonds, cashews, peanuts, or seeds) are added to curries and soups.

The only con it has (not of its fault) is that many people tend to be allergic to nuts. So consumers might want to look out for what they’re allergic to and what they buy.

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