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Truepush is known to be the fastest-growing push notification service in the world. With a presence in more than 164+ countries and used by more than 25,000+ brands across the globe, Truepush has made a remarkable dent in the push notifications industry as a whole. Truepush currently sends more than 1.2 billion push a day.

Truepush has been working on building the right infrastructure to build and magnify the tool’s capability. The initial plan allowed us to send free and unlimited push notifications to unlimited subscribers. However, the new Truepush pricing is applicable after 1 Lakh subscribers count, indicating the tool would still remain free for up to 1 lakh subscribers.
Now the customers have to pay a nominal amount of $60 after crossing 1 Lakh subscribers count, till the next 1 lakh subscribers, and so on. All the features such as Audience segmentation, RSS-to-push, Triggers, etc would be available for both the free and paid plan. 

The strong point of Truepush pricing is that clients can add as many websites as they want to a single account and avail free push notifications for each website till 1 lakh subscribers count. This is in contrast to what other push providers offer wherein they charge per account regardless of the number of websites, hence making it overpriced for customers. 

The reason Truepush had to resort to the paid model is linked with the recent Google updates on the monetization of third-party cookie data. Initially, the revenue generation was expected to come from using cookie data that Truepush drops in subscriber’s browsers. And further, connecting these subscribers to the ad network. This is similar to how Google and Facebook monetize through advertisements.

However, Google plans to ban the use of third-party cookie data, which leaves Truepush with only one option, i.e., to charge their customers a minimum amount to maintain the infrastructure costs and keep the company running. Truepush decided to go ahead with the new pricing model as there are 25,000+ global brands that use Truepush actively for customer engagement and retention. In addition to that, customers need not pay hefty dollars by using any other push service, since Truepush offers the cheapest option with the same quality features.  

Truepush plans to build more tools like Email suites, Shopify plugins, etc to strengthen the product’s offerings and presence in the market.
In addition to that, Truepush commits to slashing the pricing for their clients if they find any other push service cheaper than theirs with the same features. 

About Truepush

Truepush is a customer re-engagement platform that offers free push notifications for both web and mobile. From ranking #3 on ProductHunt to acquire 150% of MoM growth, Truepush has received tremendous applause for its remarkable success. Brands from varied domains like eCommerce, bloggers, media platforms, ed-tech, job portals, and more are sending push notifications to their users daily.

To keep engaging your customers using the most affordable push service, sign in to Truepush now. For any queries, visit us at