Crust brand has launched a new Pulse S70 – Truly Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds in India at the impressive pre-order price of Rs.4,499. This latest wireless earbuds pack 7mm solid titanium composite diaphragm and is stated to provide just over 6hrs of playback on a one time charge.
The Crust, a well-known premium tech gadget brand, has announced the release of its stylish Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds. Following in the company’s mission to give a level of affordability, the new wireless earbuds utilize an advanced solid titanium composite driver for better sound quality, and noise reduction technology, along with a very sleek water drop design that’ll be available in elegant black color.

These attractive wireless earbuds expand the Company’s stylish line of products by offering the supreme balance of best sound personal, and convenience style complete for the disruptive price tag of 4,499 Indian Rupees on pre-order.

The team of Crust brand is setting the standard for the best quality True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds that meets all the requirements of the user, great sound, attractive style, fast and reliable connection, decent battery performance, and an amazing price tag together all that users have been waiting for. It is the best addition to our supreme line of earbuds.

A dynamic driver with 7mm composite balance, powerful bass performance, and exquisite detail allowing the stylish TWS to produce super-clear sound in an incredibly well-made company design.

Some key features include:

Design and Fit – The lightweight Truly Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds utilize a 45-degree oblique angle that lays naturally in the user’s ear canals for a close, secure fit. Unique silicone O-hook gives a smoother fit while on the move, and 3 different sized ear-tips make sure the correct seal is found that enhance ANC and bass response.

Convenient Compatibility –With automatic power off, the earbuds automatically turned on and link when the earbuds are taken out of the charging case, and automatically turned off when putting back in the case. Environmental ANC mics are also included in every bud, along with the new Bluetooth 5.0 feature, and AAC transmission compatible featuring APT.

Battery Performance –Every Pulse S70 Truly wireless earbuds support 6hrs of usage comes with a portable charging box that allows for 3 additional complete charges – these TWS earbuds last comfortably 24hrs of talk time or music.

Fast Charging–Fast charging feature allows 3hrs of use on only fifteen minutes of charge time

Pairing Modes –Many paring modes meaning utilizing the earbuds jointly for a great listening experience, or complete freedom to utilize the right or left earbuds individually to match the individual preference.

Expert Tuning –Like with every Crust Brand’s earbuds, the stylish TWS Wireless earbuds are professionally tuned by the engineer, so that users hear perfectly what the artist intended.

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