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If you want your pool to shine in all its splendor on summer nights and make your garden stand out, we give you some recommendations. The LED colour pool light is a trend in pool lighting.

Pool lights:

Enjoying a nighttime bath and giving an aesthetic touch to your pool is possible with correct lighting, in addition to decorating lightly it helps you facilitate the vision of the spaces.

Depending on the size of the pool, it will depend on the number of spotlights it is necessary to put, as an example for a 20 square meter pool, one spotlight would be sufficient.

The installation of the Pentair Globrite colorLED lights is underwater and it is recommended to do it at a height of about 70 centimeters from the upper curb. This will make maintenance easier and accessible without the need to empty the entire pool. Also, this location helps diffuse light into the pool water. Always consult a professional installer specialized in swimming pools to advise you if you have any questions.

Pool lighting and decoration:

Here we present your recommendations for the placement and orientation of the LED pool light.

You can create lighting in the pool to achieve an effect, but it is always good to follow a series of recommendations:

– If your pool is close to the house, it would be convenient to place the bulbs with the opposite orientation to the house. This prevents it from generating glare that is annoying at night.

– For pools with Roman stairs with an opposite focus, it is well lit.

– In very long pools, the spotlights should be placed on the sides to avoid glare when swimming or doing lengths. Competition pools are positioned like this to prevent swimmers from being dazzled.

Types of bulbs and LED lights for swimming pools:

When buying the pool lights like Hayward pool lighting, you can find models that are built into the wall or extra flat. Currently, you can continue to find bulbs with halogen bulbs on the market, but current trends and that we always recommend today the use of LEDs for their many advantages.

It is always important to buy your LED pool light with high IP protection. Being exposed to water, they must be very resistant and hermetic. Only purchase a specific pool light, you will avoid problems in the long run and save time on maintenance.

Looking for the best LED pool light system, do not hesitate to contact to check out wide range.