Quicken is a money management system used for personal finance management, which was developed by Quicken Inc. Quicken provides the best money management tool and has been providing for the last three decades. If Quicken used online, then it is free; otherwise, there would be a yearly charge. Quicken widely used for tracking tenants, expenses, and payments, and you can even produce tax reports with Quicken that makes it the best software in the market for money management. It is a Rental Property Manager that you can download for your desktop computers. There are several Quicken versions available in the market, such as Quicken Starter, Quicken Deluxe, Quicken Premier, Quicken Home, and Business. You will need a Quicken account to use Quicken.
You can easily set up Quicken Account: Download the Quicken software from the official Quicken website. Now open the software and go to Home tab from top of the Quicken window, Then hit the Get started button in the See Where Your Money Goes window. Now Enter or choose the name of the bank and then add your bank login information so that you can set up the account. Finally, hit the Connect button.
There are many settings available under the account settings menu that you can change any time you want. Just go to the Tools menu and then hit the Account list option that is available there, click the Edit button to change the settings.
To activate, deactivate, or reset the online services click on the Quicken Online Services under the Account Details dialog box.
• To activate the online service from your account.
• To deactivate the online services from your account.
• To reset the connectivity of your account.
• To repair the connectivity of your account.
Just click on the Display Options tab if you want to hide or close your account.
If you want to change the Tax information for the account, click on the Tax Schedule, and then you have to Click OK to save the changes.
There are some settings that you cannot change from your account:
• You cannot edit the Financial Institution name for any of the accounts used for online services.
• Routing Number and Customer ID cannot be changed once assigned to you for online services by Express Web Connect.
Need to change any of the fields, you need to deactivate online services from the account and make changes and then reactivate the online services.
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