Ah, yes. If you play WoW, you think you know wow gold classic grinding. You have spent two or a day murdering the mobs in a location. But mention the’g’ word to some WoW veteran and you’ll realize the thousand-yard stare of a special forces veteran. Can you call it grinding unless you spent three weeks–and I do mean that three literal weeks–killing plainstriders and zhevra charger at The Barrens? The problem was acute in the famously Kalimdor zone, but the mill was present everywhere. It was compounded by the absence of quests and the limited approaches to get XP. You didn’t get XP out of PvP or careers, also without Dungeon Finder, running an instance was worth the time it took to assemble a group. However hard you tried to prevent it, you’d need to spend a couple evenings murdering mobs. Or, more correctly, a couple weeks.

This one is a bit partisan, because it’s a faction-specific experience (I did perform Alliance too, honest). Of how active Barrens chat was much was due to its unusual design. It was a place with flight paths that are isolated.

Moreover, it was under assault by Alliance players who could simpy jump off murder all the quest givers, sprint to the Crossroads, and the boat at Ratchet. In addition to this, it had been an area that could squander months in, with enough size and variation in dinosaurs to accommodate players. This mixture of time, scale, and activity meant there was plenty of time for chat – most of it spent running between cities due to the flight routes that were missing –and there was lots to discuss. ‘Chuck Norris doesn’t have an ESC key on his computer’, etc..

As well as being lost and confused, training new skills was a struggle for vanilla WoW gamers. Nowhere is this more evident than with Pet Skills. Your pet skills had ranks, which you had to understand using another pet before you could apply them. So if you needed a ability outside the ones your principal pet came with, you’d need to stop using them. Of course, the game never told you that, so many Hunters were running with. And there were weapon abilities, which were eliminated in Cataclysm. You’d pick up a new weapon, then visit attack a horse, and spend another hour swinging, missing, and inducing Glancing Blows on mywowgold as you levelled up your ability. Yes, it made sense; however, it wasn’t very satisfying.