Bridal Makeup
Wedding is the most beautiful day of a girl’s life. Every girl needs to be the most gorgeous, charming bride on her D-day. Thus, Charu trusts in making a cosmetics search for you that matches your dreams, which will keep going forever. Charu Gumber is a Bridal Makeup Artist In Gurgaon and she does everything. Drop by her studio and see her magnificent magic through her makeup. She incorporates marriage cosmetics, hair styling and hanging for your next part in the story standing by to be uncovered and make the look that will make your memorable day more joy.

Engagement Makeup
An Engagement is an event where you can explore your looks, It is the ideal event for you to dress up and look radiant. Charu draws out the best in you with her extraordinary haircuts, eccentric cosmetics from matte cosmetics to sparkle. She has confidence in making an impeccable look that seems extraordinary face to face as well as on camera as well. Utilizing the best apparatuses and hair items, she will make a particular style that is one of a kind for you. Improve your highlights and draw out the best of you with us on your Engagement.

Party/Mehndi Makeup
Going to a mehndi function? Or to a party? Get Charu’s essential gathering cosmetics and be the beauty on the occasion. With Charu’s ability in cosmetics, you don’t need to stress over any flaws all over like dark circles, pimple imprints, or pigmentation. Make sure to make an earlier arrangement to beat the hurry. Be the brilliant, beautiful lady of the hour you had always wanted and yell so anyone can hear – indeed, I am the bride to be.

Fashion Show
Charu’s way to deal with cosmetics is basic yet great. Utilizing her excellence skills, she will draw out your best highlights, making a mark look. Charu will make you resemble the best form of “YOU”. Her vanity includes the best of brands. Every cosmetics application is mixed and applied utilizing make-up brushes and wipes, leaving a splendidly faultless face; for the camera focal point, yet in addition very close!

Corporate Makeup
Charu knows there are basic guidelines, with her technique, she can make you picture perfect. Charu’s style is consistently to make her customers’ put their best self forward, while concealing imperfections and making the best out of the you. Whether you are planning for an online shoot or print pictures, she can guarantee that your group look their absolute best.