SURAT, INDIA – July 31, 2019: One of the rapid-growing IT companies of Surat, Greencom Ebizz Infotech has built another application name Auto Numbering Stamp: Add Sequence Stamp To Photos.

Auto Numbering Stamp: Add Sequence Stamp To Photos ( helps the users to add numbers to the photos in the sequence. The users can easily put numbers to the photos by adding sequence stamp on pictures they capture from the custom camera as well as to the gallery photos.

First impression to the all-new Auto Numbering Stamp: Add Sequence Stamp To Photos:

Auto Numbering Stamp comes up with the various functions like:

Custom Camera:

With the application’s own camera, users can easily capture photos with a custom camera. It’s extremely simple to use and also, it will conserve their time.

Sequence Format:

In Sequence Format, the following things are included:

Prefix and Suffix: if anyone wants to write something besides the Sequence Number, then they can write it down there.
Sequence Number: Where the user can put numbers on it.
Sequence Repeat: It is optional and it helps if someone wants to set the limit to the number of sequence stamp
Sequence Type: It will give the two options ‘Increase’ and ‘Decrease’

Sequence Stamp features include:

Font Size can be customized
Change the font style as per need
Change the stamp position where the user finds it more suitable
Change the color of the text with the help of Stamp color.

Date and Time Watermark:

Users can add date & time watermark to the camera and gallery photos. It includes the following:

Varieties of Date Stamp formats
Different TimeStamp formats to stamp images
Stylish Font for Date and Time Stamp
Change the size of Watermark Stamp to the preferrable size
Have a taste of different Date and Time Stamp position & Stamp color

Benefits of using Auto Numbering Stamp: Add Sequence Stamp To Photos:

Add the Number Sequence stamp with Auto Numbering App that can be useful for customers to order products easily.

Prepare and customize the photo gallery with Auto numbering stamp

While taking multiple Sunset photos if any photographer is confused which photo should be kept, then the Sequence Stamp can be used.

These are the few examples where the usage of the Sequence Stamp can be implemented.

Greencom Ebizz Infotech is notable for running different applications on Play Store effectively. Among them, ‘Auto Numbering Stamp: Add Sequence Stamp To Photos’ and “Auto Stamper: Add Text and Timestamp on Gallery Photos”, and applications with a relative concept for various brands are showing some great results.
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