LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – 26 March 2019 – Student Works is pleased to present a trusted online marketplace for outsourcing different kinds of tasks. It is a platform where students can find part-time jobs and consumers can find someone who can do their tasks. From dog walking to photography, cleaning to tutoring, data entry to gardening, event staffing to helpers for moving, there are different types of tasks for students. The tasks can be outsourced to local students who are skilled and are in need of that extra income. The site is totally free to post a task. While students can post their area of skill, consumers can search for students who can do their task. There are no hidden fees when it comes to enrolling with the site.

A customer who is looking for a task can choose a student perfect for the task. Customers can also chat with the students throughout the process. They will be able to hire only trusted and verified students best for the job. Students on the other hand can earn money on their own terms doing what they want and what they like. Student Works is currently based around Kingston, Guildford and the surrounding Surrey and South London areas in the UK. The categories are spread across different fields ranging from care work to administration, IT & Networking, Moving & Lifting, Handyman, Animal Care, Art & Design, Housework and more. The site aims at adding more and more categories as and when there is a requirement.

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Student Works, based at London, United Kingdom is an online marketplace where individuals or businesses can outsource certain tasks to local students who are skilled in that particular area.

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