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Aachen, February 2019. ecoDMS GmbH from Aachen offers first class archiving software at fair prices. Companies and private individuals alike can use the “ecoDMS” document archive and the “ecoMAILZ” email archive for the long-term, legally conform storage of all documents, files and emails. Given the extremely fair licensing model, everyone can use this software. At a one-off license fee of 89 Euro per simultaneous connection for ecoDMS Archive and 49 Euro per user for ecoMAILZ, the products of the Aachen-based company are top of the low-cost archiving systems. The products can be purchased and used as a standalone solution.

Electronic Document Archiving with ecoDMS
Electronic document archiving with ecoDMS is more than just audit-compliant, long-term archiving of data. ecoDMS offers cross-company, cross-platform and cross-location access to all documents, information and data. Within seconds users can store, manage and retrieve incoming and outgoing documents in the archiving system. ecoDMS automatically allocates new documents based on classification templates. ecoDMS Archive manages all information that is available as or can be converted to a digital format. This includes invoices, contracts, cover letters, account statements, tables, multimedia files, drawings, orders, notes and much more. The metadata, classifications and contents of each file provide the necessary information for quick retrieval. To do so, ecoDMS offers intelligent search functions, including a full-text search. The archiving system automatically creates a full-text index when a file is archived. The system also has many more search and filter functions. A document preview allows the viewing of search results. The desktop client and the web client enable access to the database and the entire archiving system from a PC, smart phone and tablet. The system fulfils all requirements of a document archive. Apart from the many archiving and search functions, ecoDMS offers plenty more luxurious features. ecoDMS leaves nothing to be desired: It includes integrated version management, sending and exporting functions, a virtual clipboard for bundling documents, a flexible settings dialogue box where users can map their own structures and document types, an integrated notepad, an automatic resubmission system, gapless logging using a history, plugins for MS Office, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Outlook and Thunderbird and a PDF/A printer for archiving from all printable third-party applications. The system processes are compliant with auditing standards. It complies with and fulfils the rules and requirements of the GDPR and the Generally Accepted Principles of Computerised Accounting Systems in Germany. For private individuals the software is available for free in a slightly restricted Free4Three version. A license of the full version of a purchased ecoDMS version is paid for once and is then valid for an unlimited period.

Automatic Email Archiving with ecoMAILZ
The ecoMAILZ email archive is designed for long-term, legally compliant and fully automatic archiving of incoming and outgoing emails. ecoMAILZ retrieves all emails directly from the mail server and automatically stores them in the mail archive. The two-step archiving concept of this software opens new possibilities for archiving emails. At the same time, it ensures that privacy is protected. The software is quick to install and easy to operate. The web client enables access to all archived emails from any location with a computer, smart phone and tablet. The entire administration and setup is comfortable and easy through the web client. The integrated full-text search allows quick retrieval of emails. ecoMAILZ is legally compliant and fulfils the requirements of the GDPR. Optionally, ecoMAILZ can be connected with the ecoDMS document archive. This requires a plugin which is integrated in the archiving solution. The solution also contains plugins for MS Outlook and Thunderbird to monitor the archiving status in the mail client. The software can be tested for free with up to 3,000 emails. The fee for the full version includes updates and upgrades over a period of 24 months. A user can archive and use several email accounts.

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