Through astrology, remarkable changes can be brought upon destiny to make life easier than thought possible. Astro gurus all over India work to that end helping people attain success, find wellbeing and avert dangers. Astrological solutions have helped many find peace and balance in life and dodge planetary doshas that often mess up the life’s journey bringing problems and difficulties that are unsurmountable without the help of a master astrologer. Vidushi Vastu and Astrologer, setup in the Mayur Vihar Phase in New Delhi is one such center that offers dependable solutions to people facing unexplained difficulties in life. Run by renowned astrologer Abha Jain, the center offers astrological consultation and services to clients online from all over the city.
Astro Abha Jain has three prime areas of focus, prediction of the future, career report and palmistry. In future predictions, astrologer Abha Jain consults her client’s horoscope, sees his palm and prepares a report of the future that she sees for the specific person. Based on what she sees, she advises her clients to use gems, yantras or other astrological solutions that may help mar the ill effects of a dosha or enhance the possibility of a good event. But astrology is only one of the many subjects Abha Jain excels in.
Among her other specialties are numerology, gemology and Vastu. Abha Jain offers consultation on all the three areas. People who have bought a new home or changed houses seek her advice on Vastu. For those clients, she offers Vastu consultation in which she advises them on the vibes and energies of the concerned space. If she senses any fault with a house, she recommends remedies in the form of yantras that can be bought from her center or outside for easy prices. As a numerologist, Abha Jain offers her valuable advice to entrepreneurs and businesspeople who are seeking recourse through numerology.
But most of all, Abha Jain is popular as a love astrologer. Only a few of the likes of her reside in the city. Through astrological designs, she has brought estranged lovers together, helped people find the right kind of partners and even bring back love and warmth in marriages that are falling apart. She also consults cases of love marriage that seem unlikely or difficult for any reason. For them, she recommends remedies and solutions that make the passage from relationship to marriage less bumpy and fulfilling.
Astrologer Abha Jain is popular among the business community for her spot-on financial astrological advice that has helped many overcome hard times and find a direction that leads to certain success. She is also consulted for gun milan, birthday and hawan and Pooja in homes and commercial premises. At Vidushi, one can also learn astrology. Certified courses on astrology, palmistry, numerology and Vastu Consultant too are offered at her center.
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