The talented star Parul Gulati was last seen in the web series “Haq se”. Parul Gulati would be ringing in some much-needed Christmas and new year festivities in some of her favourite places this year. When we asked her if she is traveling for Christmas and new year, she said “I will be starting my new project soon and am already working on something really cool now. So, traveling right now to London for a much-needed break. I want to enjoy these characters for quite some time. Besides I am not very high on celebrations and stuff like that. I would be just great to meet new people, eat out and freshen up for the upcoming projects. ”Parul is a trained actor who studied at RADA, London. She quotes, “London has been a very special place in my life. I have spent some of the best years of my life here. I learned the art of acting here. I love the vibe here. People don’t disturb each other. It’s still not that noisy as some of the other cities and especially Mumbai. Whenever I get time I like visiting here as I have got loads and loads of places here. Some of the cafes and restaurants out here is amazing and they have been my favourite hangout place since the days of RADA. So, its nostalgic and a quick walk down memory lane every time I am here.” We all surely have heard about the Christmas festivities in London and we would be waiting to watch her on Instagram about her trip to the lovely lanes in London.

She would be traveling to London for Christmas and then to Serbia for the New Year. She recalls fond memories of London and the Christmas festivities there. “The atmosphere is amazing there in London. A little similar to what it’s around here in Diwali. So definitely food and celebrations are going to ring in with me in there, I always love going there as it had been a favourite part of me. Serbia is scenic and is always on portrait mode. It’s really easy to switch off there and besides, the people are just amazing. I would love to wish everyone “Merry Christmas” and a very happy new year. Hope you all have great fun in the holidays before hitting 2019 with a bang.”