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It is true that majority of franchisees and franchisors relations work very well, especially if the original franchise contract is specifically drafted. Nevertheless, disagreements arise given the longevity and complexity of the relations. The best franchise lawyers attorney at Ontario Franchise Lawyers recommend negotiated settlements to disputes and most specifically the use of mediation. There are cases where there is no other option than to resort to franchising litigation for resolving disputes. For all cases pertaining to franchise and franchisor disputes, Ontario Franchise Lawyers possess the ability of ensuring that their clients get the best possible outcomes.

The franchise lawyers attorney offering their services at Ontario Franchise Lawyers have good expertise in working on breach of franchise agreement, enforcement of business contracts and franchise agreements, misrepresentation claims, franchise disputes arising out of lack of committed marketing or support for the franchise, franchise agreement termination and intellectual property problems. The lawyers possess good experience in representing franchisors and even franchisees in courtrooms throughout Ontario. The franchise attorneys have the ability to deal with arbitration and mediation proceedings. They also have good experience in litigating cases by way of trial and appeal in federal and state courts across Ontario.

The franchise attorneys at this undertaking have the experience of handling different varieties of disputes for innumerable franchising clients in different industries including fast food, restaurant, hotels, hospitality, automobile dealerships and real estate firms. Their cases range from matters affecting the whole dealership or franchise systems to clashes with dealers or individual franchisees. They possess substantial experience in issues that generally arise in the field of franchise litigation. Other example of franchising clashes handled by the company include fraud and disclosure problems, territorial encroachment and disputes, franchisees/dealer termination, breach/contract disputes of fair dealing and good faith, exclusivity provisions, tortuous interference claims, copyright/trademark infringement, miscellaneous torts, antitrust employment and labor and bankruptcy.

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