In the world full of brilliant innovations and technologies, robots are emerging as a powerful solution for bringing automation in the warehouses. Different kinds of solutions such as parcel sorter and linear sorters are being manufactured with the robotics goods-to-person technology. These systems are not only enhancing the efficiency and productivity but also benefiting the businesses in several ways.

Automated Parcel Sorter/Picking Systems:

The automated parcel sorters are the basically warehouse picking systems. It means the execution of the robotic or the semi-robotic technologies, which are capable of enhancing the work of human pickers. These systems have the ability to minimize the walking time and shorten the picking routes, integrated with your existing warehouse management systems (WMS) and support the picking and packaging. These can be used in multiple industries such as e-commerce, retail, manufacturing, transportations, beverages, foods etc. The market is flooded with different automated picking sorting systems. However, choosing the most efficacious automated picking systems that work with your team members and is easy to integrate into the existing WMS can benefit you quickly and seamlessly.


Super-fast productivity:

They are best known for reducing the picking time. They possess the capability of moving across the warehouse floor quicker than their human counterparts. More importantly, they can also keep going all day long, without any requirement for breaks, shift changes or leave.


The complete operations of these solutions can be learned in just a few minutes. Pickers won’t have to worry about undergoing the rigorous training to start collaborating with their high-technology counterparts.


The bots of these systems have the ability to easily navigate around humans and equipment. And as the collaborative robots move on their own, they develop a hands-free picking atmosphere for the operators. This creates a safer work environment, eliminating the chances of injuries for your warehouse staff.


The traditional WAS (warehouse automation systems) consume lots of space and are bulky while on the other hand, the automated parcel sorting solutions offer a tailored approach along with flexible rental pricing for helping the store accommodate seasonal demand.

Automated Linear Sorter/Sorting Systems:

The automated linear sorter or automated sorting systems are majorly used in the distribution centers for consumer electronics, fashion, pharmacy, multimedia and post for sorting single items for the small packs. They are being utilized in the picking atmosphere, needing the movement of a relatively small number of references in respect of total movements of units of bulks, which are needed in a determined picking duration.


Increased efficiency:

The linear sorters are able to consistently perform the same repetitive tasks on the same standard. They lower the prospect of the risk of injuries or even worse accidents. The injuries can lead to time off for the affected part and rising costs for the manufacturers. The robotic sorting systems don’t need any kind of break or time off and have the ability to process a higher quota of the products in a minimum space of time.

Lower costs:

Lower costs, combined with a faster rate of throughput, offers numerous advantages for the manufacturers. These solutions allow a faster process as gains in efficiency is almost immediate, which means saving will impact the business straight away.

Improved accuracy:

The linear sorters have the potentials to operate things faster and in a more cost-effective way while making sure that there is no compromise has been made with the quality of the product. The mistakes made by human often play a large part in many of the incidents, occurring within the production of the facility and the intro of the counting and the sorting solutions eliminate much of those concerns.

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