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There are thousands of call centers all across the world that use the VICIDial: Call Center Solution to run their calling campaigns. Also, the same call centers use vTiger CRM system to manage leads and their status to keep the records of the ongoing activities. Both of these are two separate systems and use the same lead database. In generic scenario, the agents or executives need to use these systems as two separate systems and switch between both of them. Also, they need to make same changes or entries in two different systems which result in waste of time and reduced productivity.

Elision Technolab LLP, more commonly known as Elision and Elisiontec, has announced to offer VICIDial vTiger Integration and related services. This integration will create a complete suite of Call Center CRM Integrated system which will automate many operations and give various benefits to the call centers.

Some of the key features of the VICIDial vTiger Integration are listed below:

• Synchronization of lead data between VICIDial: Call Center solution and vTiger: CRM system
• Single window lead management. It means add, edit and delete option performed within any one system will reflect in another system as well.
• Group, record and field synchronization between two systems
• Single sign on facility to remove the necessity of switching between the two systems.
• Click to call functionality within the CRM to make calls
• Call dialer widget within the CRM system to get call controls like hold, pickup, call transfer, etc.
• CRM popup within the VICIDial to show the lead details. This is a very good feature to provide personalized experience to the customer.
• And more

The company has recorded the video tutorial which shows how VICIDial vTiger integration works for businesses. Also, it shows various features which are available once the integration process is finished.
As per the shared details, the company has a team of experts that have been performing these operations of call center CRM integration for various open source and custom call center solutions and CRM systems. The VICIDial vTiger Integration is one of the most popular and in-demand integration services of the company.

The spokesperson of the company shared, “VICIDial and vTiger are really popular open source solutions. There are many companies that use both of them and we have benefited many call centers and businesses with our VICIDial vTiger integration services. Our customers usually get delighted with the results and returns they get with the integration of these two solutions. Along with integration, we offer many other services such as, VICIDial customization, vTiger customization, custom module development, custom integration of any third party API in VICIDial and / or vTiger, etc. We have skilled developers for both of these systems and we provide the best services, so the users of these two systems can take maximum benefit of them.”

The company has a webpage on its official site that shares more details about this service along the video tutorial. To know more about this offered service, please visit