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Having issues with oral health is a common phenomenon of modern life. That does not mean that these problems were not present in the old day. They were present but their level of complication was not so high like today. Nowadays, thanks to modern technology and medical science that have made it possible to deal with such things smartly and positively. The smart technology and the success of the dental implant surgery is the biggest example of this progression.

Previously, people have to stay toothless if they somehow lose one or many of them. Therefore, sometimes, they even wanted to strive with the crooked teeth in fear of removing and losing them from the set. They used to do so because of the fear that distortion might be a severe blow on the root of their confidence. But now, it is just the matter of a few steps and a surgery to get back the previous look again. Due to this reason, people don’t have to think twice before removing a problematic tooth and implant a new one in that place.

Dental implant surgery is needed at the stage, while the doctor finds that the condition cannot be handled simply with the medicines. Such conditions may occur due to-

Sudden breaking of the teeth in an unrecoverable condition
Excessive bleeding from the crooked teeth
Severe erosion that causes tremendous pain
If the crooked one is affecting the adjacent teeth
The unrecoverable condition, which is causing oral infection, pain or any other menace to the oral health on the whole.

In brief, any unrecoverable condition leads to the surgery to evoke the implantation of a replacement in the vacant place.

There are two branches of this operation. One leads to the replacement and the implantation while the other leads to the restoration of the previous one. Sometimes, if the condition of the thing is totally rotten then the doctors may decide to remove and replace it with another artificial one. In that case, the actual one is disposed and the artificial one is implanted in that place. On the other hand, sometimes, the roots become problematic, while the rest of the upper part is unaffected. At that condition also this operation may take place to implant a platform on the roots and place the rest of the upper part on a cap. Thus, the tooth can be restored with the help of the implanted lower portion. This treatment removes the chances of any further problems from the roots.

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Now it is quite common and simple to replace and implant the teeth and get rid of the crooked ones through the surgeries. The procedure of the operations is opted based on its requirement.