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North Padre Island, TX/2018: Condos are a great way of investing in real-estate because while you own them, yet you do not have to take care of their management and upkeep. If you are keen on purchasing a condo at North Padre Island, contact The Rental Management Company to help you look up for a high quality and economical condo.

It is a real-estate company that offers property management services to its clients. It was formed in 1988 and deals with a wide range of properties such as condos, townhouses, commercial properties and single-family homes.

Condos At North Padre Island, TX

• The company provides an extensive online listing of available condos.
• The online listing contains essential information about the cost of the condo, the number of bedrooms, details about the flooring, property photos, security systems if any and much more.
• Both furnished and unfurnished condos with one to four bedrooms are available at North Padre Island and its surrounding areas.
• The facilities provided at the condos generally include swimming pools, home entertainment systems, patio and more.

Why Choose Them

• The company follows a team-approach philosophy for catering to the needs of every client in the best possible way.
• It is known for providing professional, informative and loyal services to its clients.
• Dedicated towards providing quality property management services.
• The team is open to exploring new ideas to improve its management and services.
• It has more than 30 years of in-depth knowledge and experience in the field of property management and real-estate business.
• Looking for a condo with the help of a well-reputed and experienced real-estate company ensures that you get the most suitable property within your budget.

Other Services Provided

• Long-Term Property Leasing And Management
• Vacation Rental Reservation And Management
• Homeowner’s Association Management
• Capital Project Management
• Exclusive One-Time Locator Service
• Multi-Family Management
• Buyer And Seller Representation
• Subdivision Management
• Commercial Management
• Property Tax Protest
• Management Services
• Property Tax Protest

For more information, feel free to visit The Rental Management Company, 14613 South Padre Island Drive, Corpus Christi, Texas 78418. You can also call at (361) 949-9050 or log on to