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Holidays are a time of joy and cheer. But for many seniors, it can be difficult to stay happy during this time. You need to be aware and stay proactive to help seniors fight this isolation and the depression that might follow during the holiday season.

Here is a quick guide about what you need to know about seniors and the holiday season, as well how to help them stay positive during this time.

Seniors may not find the holiday season as joyous for a number of reasons.

• Restricted mobility: Many seniors are not free to move around due to a disease or vision problems not allowing them to drive and so on. This can make the holiday season less than exciting for seniors.
• Loneliness: Loneliness, isolation, depression and anxiety affect many seniors, but these may become more intense during the holiday season. From a lack of social interaction to missing loved ones, the holiday season can make seniors feel lonelier.
• Past memories: Many seniors are troubled by memories of the past associated with this time, making it especially painful.
• Financial stress: The holidays can be an expensive affair. For seniors on a budget, the holidays may come as a reminder of their financial limitations and cause stress.
• Home life: For some seniors, who live in a nursing home or assisted living facility, the holidays are difficult because they miss living with family or at home.
Staying Happy During the Holiday Season
Reminisce in a healthy manner
Past memories from holidays can bring up bad feelings during holidays. But memories can also be used to focus on all the good that has happened. Reminisce about your favorite things and people.

The holidays are the ideal time to recall traditions and people that have come through your life, reflect on things that have changed, and appreciate things that haven’t.
Take Control of Finances
While it is not uncommon to feel that holidays are a strain on your finances, remember that holidays are about love and those who love you expect nothing more. Create a realistic budget and stick to it.
Connect with your Loved Ones
The holidays are the time to appreciate the people we have in our lives. Seniors can benefit a great deal by connecting with the loved ones. Love and support of your friends and family can help get you through difficult holidays.

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