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From Paris to Alice has created an exclusive online shopping experience for high-fashion women across the world. The online store in Belgium sells women’s fashion clothing from crisscross sweaters, cardigans, leather jackets, lace dresses and silk shirts that have a modern spin on it.

With an incredible understanding of the latest fashion trends in Paris and across Europe, Alice has traveled extensively to the fashion capitals of the world to bring Parisian style back to her store in Belgium. She has been passionate about clothing from a young age and has extraordinary taste that she carries over to her clothing line, paying minute attention all around. She will scrutinize every piece of clothing that she sells at her Paris clothing store. She puts together a mix and match of designs that are often unrivaled amongst her peers.

Alice wants all women to feel like a million dollars every time they wear a piece of her clothing. She promotes affordable fashion for stylish women everywhere. Her clothing line is of the highest quality and represents a personal and contemporary style with a difference. Women no longer have to spend millions to look or feel great and Alice makes certain of that!

Alice is slowly cementing her way in the fashion industry by being unique and having a style that is personal to her. The online store in Belgium combines modern and classic trends to enable every woman to express their personal taste and style.

Alice the founder and owner of ‘From Paris to Alice state that’, “My love of clothing comes from my mother and grandmother. They instilled a sense of fashion in me. I’m always challenging myself to come up with new styles. And I look at fashion-forward Europe to find clothing pieces that radiate glamour and beauty”.

She further states that, “I love being creative and inventive with my clothing and accessories, and I hope women that enjoy fashion feel the same way”.

About Alice
Alice was born in Belgium and inherited a love of fashion and clothing from her mother and aunt. She has years of experience in the fashion industry and has her own collection of clothing and accessories for women to feel confident, radiant and beautiful. She loves Paris and has launched her brands in the City of Light. To share her passion and inspiration, you can visit her website for more information on