Every year several decorators are approached by such brides who have always dreamt of such fancy and extravagant weddings. A mandap beautifully decorated with flowers or a picturesque landscape is dreams come true for most of the brides. With changing times, people outlook towards perfect mandap decoration has also changed, it no more of a marigold decoration. Flower decorations Bangalore can be really extravagant. There are many ways to decorate the wedding venues in Bangalore.
Following are some of the ways by which wedding locations can be decorated to give an aesthetic and ethereal touch.

Fairytale Chandeliers:
Illuminating a place with golden and silver lights always look gorgeous and aesthetic which is a perfect decor for a wedding venue. The wedding is a memorable occasion and should put all his or her effort to make the venue to look the best. The banquet halls in Bangalore can be decorated with fairy chandeliers which would really give a vivid appearance to the entire place. Places like ITC Gardenia, Bangalore will look the best in this decor.

Theme Wedding Mandap:
Theme wedding decorations are of the most popular decorations requested by the brides. One such ideal decoration theme for such occasions can be the white mist decoration. In this type of decoration, the background is kept white with a sober touch of other colors and props according to the ceremony. During daytime, extremely light colors, mostly white is used. The mandap is decorated with white drapes, beads, and light colored flowers.

On the other side, during the night, lights are hung around to give a gorgeous look to it. An ideal venue for such decoration is the Balan Farm Conventional Centre, Bangalore. You can find many other such wedding halls in Bangalore.

Blossom Trees
This decor is perfect for country house venues. Such places generally have high ceilings and huge space and extravagant interiors. A lot can be tried in such places. Such venues include Royal Palace, Bangalore. This decor can also be tried in the reception halls in Bangalore. The entire place can be embellished with blossom trees to give it a natural look. These kinds of decorations are mostly preferred by the nature lovers.

Traditional Wedding Mandap:

This is the most preferred type for most of the indian wedding decoration themes. In this theme, all the rituals and customs are taken into account and the mandap is decorated according to that. Seven decorated earthen pots can be placed in all the four corners of the mandap which represents the seven sacred vows. To give the mandap a revamped and modern outlook, it can be decorated and draped with flowers and fairy lights. Some of the wedding locations in Bangalore ideal for such flower decorations are TempleTree Leisure Bangalore, The Leela Palace, White Palace Bangalore, etc.

These are some the decorations which can be tried in the beautiful wedding venues of Bangalore. All the mentioned venues are in itself beautiful and the decorations add up more glamour to them.

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