The increase in number of onsite accidents and stringent regulations for safety of workers and maintenance has led to rise in demand for safety systems such as industrial hooters. Industrial hooters are a kind of signaling device used across a number of end-use industries such as mining, metallurgy, chemical, oil and gas, automotive and others. The industrial hooters are similar to siren and buzzers. They are regarded as safety systems usually for mass notifications in the nosiest work environments. The industrial hooters are electro-mechanical devices in which the diaphragm is deflected by an electro-magnet. They are majorly operated in the sound range of 90-110 decibels. Industrial hooters are electronic devices majorly used as fire and security alarms for industrial applications. They are also used for time signaling and automation and process control systems. The industrial hooters are designed to notify conditions such as air pressure high, temperature low, gas leakage or any other hazardous conditions.

Global Industrial Hooters Market: Dynamics


The growing regulations for the worker safety and security occupational maintenance, it has been made mandatory at production plants and various industries to deploy industrial hooters as a safety device. This has led to the rise in demand for industrial hooters over the past few years, especially in the developed countries of North America and Europe.

The use of industrial hooters has caused significant decline in number of accidents across industries. One of the benefits of using industrial hooters is they are low-cost and robust devices. These can be easily deployed and are available for wide range of industrial applications.

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One of the major challenge in the growth of the global industrial hooters market is the regular maintenance and training required for operation, which in case of any error could lead to severe accidents.


Manufacturers are focusing on technological advancements and are developing more efficient, tested, low power consuming hooters, advanced mechanism such as satellite and other digital communication methods.

Manufacturers are focusing on the deployment of more reliable and weather proof industrial hooters. Modern industrial hooters have conformal coatings on them which protect them from failure or break down even under harsh environments.

Global Industrial Hooters Market: Segmentation

The global industrial hooters market can be segmented on the basis of tone, voltage, application, end use industry, range, mounting and region

On the basis of tone, the global Industrial Hooters market is segmented as:

Single tone
Multi Tone
On the basis of voltage, the global industrial hooters market is segmented as:

12 V
These are suitable for both AC and DC

On the basis of end use industry, the global industrial hooters market is segmented as:

Power generation stations
Oil and Gas Industry
Marine Industry
Automotive Industry
Mining and metallurgy
Iron and Steel Industry
On the basis of application, the global industrial hooters market is segmented as:

Electronic control panels
Fire alarm
Annunciation panel
Security systems
Automation panel
Industrial vehicles
On the basis of range, the global industrial hooters market is segmented as:

Short range industrial hooters
Medium range Industrial Hooters
Long Range industrial hooters
On the basis of type of mounting, the global industrial hooters market is segmented as:

Base Type
Projection Type
Flush Type
Global Industrial Hooters Market: Regional Outlook

Geographically, the global industrial hooters market is expected to be dominated by the Asia Pacific region. The ongoing investments in the development of industrial sector in the region especially in countries such as China and India are foreseen to create traction in the demand for industrial hooters. Europe and North America are also projected to hold significant share in the global industrial hooters market but are relatively matured therefore exhibiting a moderate demand over the forecast period. This is attributed to the stringent regulations and regular inspection at the industrial sites in these regions which has led to increase in demand. The Middle East and Africa is also projected to witness rise in demand from the oil and gas industry. Japan is anticipated to hold noteworthy share in the global industrial hooters market. Latin America on the other hand is relatively a low volume region and is projected to witness high growth in the latter half of the forecast period majorly from the mining industry.

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Global Industrial Hooters Market: Key Participants

Examples of Some of the KEY participants identified across the value chain of global industrial hooters market are:

Moflash Signalling Ltd
Klaxon Signalling Solutions
NHP Electrical Engineering Products
Rockwell Automation, Inc.
Paramount Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
Perfect Corporation
Alan Electronic Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Honeywell International Inc.