1st December 2018- This month we’ve launched a new solution and this time we have developed a new version of APIs which provides access to SMS gateway services and confirmation receipts. It is made up very web-friendly and standard API series is the thing which defines communication between communication service providers.

An application programming interface is a means by which developers can enable the functions of a computer program (such as bulk SMS service) can be made available to another computer program like CRM software, accounting software etc. This could be possible by using a standard protocol, which is made known to the developers of both systems.

The term ‘API’ is majorly referring to the documentation that explains to programmers exactly how requests and responses will be formed as well as the actual service offered using this API.

MsgClub is offering various range of APIs to allow programmers to use the gateway services for SMS campaigning among a large group of people. In some cases, existing software or mobile apps with the necessary capability can simply be configured with our special APIs without the need of any custom coding.

Our API makes the task of sending text messages more easier than before because once you integrate it with any application, you no longer have to manually sign-in to an application or interface to send transactional, promotional and OTP messages. Instead, these smart solutions make the process of sending text messages fully automated.

Being a prominent Bulk SMS API Provider in India we are giving an opportunity to access powerful text messaging functionality for integration with existing enterprise or management applications.

Reasons to use our API integration-

Send single or up to 100 messages & receive text messages using HTTP APIs

Unicode support
Send messages in any regional language including Gujarati, Bengali, Arabic etc.

Global coverage
Send SMS across all parts of the country by using one SMS API. Send transactional messages over DND as well as Non-DND mobile numbers.

Delivery reports
Real-time reports on the delivery status of each message sent through our gateway.

Long code
Enable two-way messaging via API for your customers through 10-digit virtual long code number. Provide SMS keywords into your content to gather huge responses.

Our main focus is on security, performance, and reliability. For the 11+years, we have partnered with leading operators to provide innovative mobile messaging solutions that bring excellent results for our clients. We use powerful, high-throughput, direct connectivities of carriers at the backend for the timely delivery of SMS notifications, reminders and alerts.

Moreover, you can do a lot more things with our programmable APIs.

Manage client via API
Fund transfer via API
Personalized SMS via API
SMS scheduling via API
Manage phonebook via API & much more.