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It’s important to teach young students how to develop ideas as early as possible. With the help of Studentreasures Publishing’s free lesson plans and teaching guides, teachers can enhance their students’ creativity and writing skills right away.

[KANSAS, 11/27/2018] – The most basic foundation of acquiring knowledge is literacy, and literacy can be greatly honed in the classroom. When kids go to school, they don’t learn to read or spell simply by listening to their teachers. They first must learn how to write.

According to the Association of American Publishers, access to the right materials is strongly connected to a child’s ability to increase their literacy and reading rates. That’s why teachers themselves need to have guides and access to materials that will help them help their young students be more literate through reading and writing.

At Studentreasure Publishing’s Teacher’s Lounge, there are free resources for teachers to help them inspire and guide students along the journey to writing, and in the future, publishing.

One-Stop Resource Center for Teachers

On its website, Studentreasures Publishing has a Teacher’s Lounge. Here, children’s educators can browse free sample books and download free teaching guides to help them structure their approach to teaching their students how to write and publish their own stories.

There’s a whole world of topics that may be interesting for young students to write about, but sometimes teachers may be stumped for subjects. Studentreasures Publishing’s Teacher’s Lounge enables them to browse for book topic ideas for students from Pre-K to 6th Grade.

Not enough time to come up with a lesson plan for the following week? The free and ready-to-use lesson plans and writing worksheets at the Teacher’s Lounge can help. Teachers can also inspire the class to work hard and well on writing projects to win in contests exclusively found on the Studentreasures Publishing’s Teacher’s lounge. Grants and gift cards await.

All of that and more free, fun, and useful resources for teachers are available at Studentreasures Publishing’s Teacher’s Lounge.

About Studentreasures Publishing

For more than 20 years, Studentreasures Publishing has been providing free writing resources to schools and teachers all over the country. With book publishing kits and helpful writing tips, Studentreasures Publishing has helped publish 14 million young authors.

Visit today to get free writing resources for teachers.