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20 November 2018 – Chomko LA LLC has been in this domain for more than a decade and created a niche in the clock market. Our expertise is discernible in our projects and our customers’ satisfaction.

Our deft team equipped with the best technology accomplishes projects with a hearty dedication to give it the best shot. Having been in clock manufacturing, we acquire with all possible solution and source to manufacture, repair or install clocks. In this competitive era, we offer unbeatable services mounting locks be it a street clock, post clock, building clock, or any other.

Building clock

Clocks are attached with an overwhelming importance, be it simple or luxurious. Clock mounted high up on building or towers needs a professional approach. Chomko LA leading with the same professional approach came up with tremendous craftsmanship setting a paradigm for others. Building clocks are more often used as unique community landmarks or meeting spots, thus enhancing the value of both the timepiece and the place.

The dials of variable shapes and sizes mounted directly to the walls are named as building clock; this installation needs accuracy as the improper mounting may cause havoc. Our range of building clocks offers you a variety in dials, their pattern and shape and even an hour and minute hands. Not all are apt in building a customized clock when it comes to the individual requirement for tower or wall installation.

We offer building clock customized with the support of GPS time control, LAN or Wi-Fi. These timepieces can further be adorned with hand-painted nameplates apt for advertising purpose.

About Chomko LA

Chomko LA is a USA based organization which provides the customizable Building clock manufacturing units, and warehouses for managing schedules. For detailed information about our clocks, get in touch with us and talk to our professionals for any assistance. You can also order online from our website and get high-quality products with warranty. In case of any query, contact on the below-mentioned numbers and talk to our professionals.

Contact Information

Chomko LA, LLC
3812 William Flynn Hwy
Building #7C, Suite 101
Allison Park, PA 15101