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Kim Paradise provides healthy and delicious tingkat meals in Singapore. The company offers a varied range of delivery options suited for individuals, couples and larger groups.

[SINGAPORE, 23/11/2018] – Kim Paradise is a provider of nutritious tingkat meals for individuals, couples and families across Singapore. Interested parties can take advantage of an 8-day trial for home meal delivery services.

Try Before You Buy

Prospective clients who wish to partake of Kim Paradise’s tingkat delivery services can start with an 8-day trial period. They can take advantage of the company’s promotional price of $69.

Customers can choose from a range of chicken, fish, vegetable and soup dishes that fill the belly and warm the heart.

Healthy Options

Kim Paradise’s tingkat meals are healthier compared to fast food and restaurant fare. The company incorporates protein-rich foods with Chinese herbs and places stringent control over the quality and freshness of their ingredients. In addition, they take special care in food preparation, focusing on balanced meals with less MSG, sugar, salt and oil.

Kim Paradise tingkat meals are best-suited for busy working parents who do not have time to prepare and cook meals. The company caters to clients who wish to eat healthier meals and those who have just completed surgery, as well.

Kim Paradise also offers confinement meals for mothers who have recently given birth and do not have a confinement nanny in their home. The company prepares meals designed to nourish the body, restore overall health and speed up recovery after giving birth.

About Kim Paradise

Kim Paradise is a home-meal delivery company with more than a decade’s worth of history and experience in the food business. The company’s founder, Madam Tan Swee Kim, believes that ‘good food comes from a good heart with great passion.’ Her mission is evident in how each meal is prepared with high-quality standards.

Other than tingkat meals, Kim Paradise also offers healthful meal sets, confinement packages, bento meals and signature mini-buffets.

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