Tamil Nadu, India, 13th November 2018: Over half of the 300 million tonnes of plastic produced in the world, every year is discarded after a single-use. This creates an enormous environmental impact by getting into our drains and waterways, rivers and oceans.

To raise awareness about this menace and to discourage use of single-use plastic, Sharon Plywoods, in association with the Airports Authority of India, conducted a campaign at the Chennai Airport on Sunday 4th November 2018. They distributed gift hampers consisting of plastic-free grocery shopping bags, biodegradable cutlery and clay diyas to 1000 passengers to arrive on the day. These shopping bags, with pockets to sort purchases, are environmentally friendly alternatives to the thin plastic covers and carry bags which get discarded after a single-use. Another 5000 passengers received cloth tote bags that could be used for shopping or storage.

Mr. P K Srivastava, General Manager (OPS), and Mr. Nanda Kumar – DGM (OPS), Airports Authority of India, Chennai, inaugurated the campaign. The activity was received with enthusiasm by the travellers. This is what one of the passengers, Mr. Krishnan, had to say – “It was a pleasant surprise to receive this gift from Sharon Plywoods. Although we know about the dangers of plastic usage, never really gave a thought about taking a reusable shopping bag. Will certainly start using this bag from now on”.

Sharon Plywoods has been conducting several campaigns to raise awareness about the dangers of single-use plastic and sets an example by avoiding such plastic in their offices, factories and other workspaces. On Vijayadasami day, they had distributed plastic-free school bags to over 1500 students at MadanlalKhemani Vivekananda Vidyalaya, Gumidipundi. This Plastic-Free School Bag Kit contained a steel lunch box, a steel water bottle, a steel spoon, and a steel fork. This was a small effort to inculcate in the young minds the habit of choosing non-plastic items in their everyday lives.

SHARON PLYWOODS has also been distributing thousands of paper bags for the past several years to the visitors of Aringnar Anna Zoological Park, Vandaloor to ensure plastic bags are not discarded there that might ultimately harm the animals housed in the zoo.

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