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Alchemy Personal Training
2A Hawthorn Walk
Opening Hours: 6AM to 9PM (7 days a week)

Tel: 01625 531 923
Mob: 07855 367139

Alchemy Personal Training in Wilmslow promotes healthy weight loss training for their clients. If any individual has weight loss goals, they can visit the private gym in Wilmslow for a unique in-depth assessment. The personal trainer will establish the client’s weight loss target and their current eating plan before creating a new, customized personal training program that incorporates nutritional advice.

The personal trainer in Wilmslow will assess exactly where the client is at, where they want to be and how to reach this objective. Based on this unique assessment, they will enable clients to meet their weight loss goals depending on their overall health, physical competency and lifestyle.

It is common knowledge that most people are misinformed about losing weight. With endless media stories on quick and easy fixes, people don’t realize that it takes time and effort to reach weight loss goals. This is why Alchemy creates a bespoke weight loss program combined with a nutritional plan to show what real exercise can do when it comes to shedding those pounds.

The personal trainer in Wilmslow will design an exercise program that is simple to follow and makes sense. For instance, it is healthy to eat natural foods, drink plenty of water, limit coffee and alcohol intake to maximize weight loss.

Rufus Bradshaw the Director of Alchemy states that, “We have 15 years of experience and we have seen every kind of client who has had weight loss goals and achieved them in their time with us. We promote a healthy lifestyle, no gimmicks and overnight miracles”.

Alchemy Personal Training has achieved a gold standard in personal training and guarantees that their clients will achieve the desired physique if they adhere to their training philosophy and healthy eating advice.

About Us

Alchemy Personal Training is based in Wilmslow and is a cutting edge personal training studio. With state of the art resistance machines and the best equipment, we offer everything you need to enjoy the best workout possible. The studio comprises of a separate yoga room and therapy room, along with fresh, filtered water, towels and ample free parking. We also have changing rooms and private showering facilities. You can enjoy a versatile workout using the highest standard of equipment and our experienced personal trainers. For more information, visit our website on