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Toronto, Canada – 6 November 2018 – AI Incorporated offers a versatile mobile platform, which is perfect for transporting valuable cargo as well as people. These pods are designed to drive to the chosen destination safely and efficiently, while using the powerful system of SLAM simultaneous localization and mapping.
As the time goes by, we are provided with new innovative solutions, intended to make our life safe, comfortable and finally complete. Getting from one point to another is one of those necessities, which are specific for our everyday life, whether we are driving from home to our place of work and vice versa or riding from one object to another within the working facilities. The efficiency of transportation as well as transportation method is crucial for modern lifestyle, when everything is expected to be made fast and cost-effective.
Self-driving cars or passenger pods are among those required solutions, which will allow you working during your trip with no need to drive or operate your pod, while being on the road. The system of simultaneous localization and mapping will do the entire job for you. In addition, SLAM will detect the shortest and fastest way from one point to another, relieving you from this task.
These pods, equipped with simultaneous localization and mapping SLAM, will be kept in shared parking facilities. You’ll need just to visit your pod station and request a ride on your phone. The nearby chassis will be found just in few minutes, being alerted and delivered to your pod’s location. When you’ll get into your tow, your Pod will be transferred to the mobile chassis unit. Due to the fact that chassis is designed to work on battery, it will go to charging station on its own, when the battery will be low. There’s no question that this method of transportation will be employed by self-driving car companies, offering the safest and most reliable way of transportation.
Nowadays, SLAM techniques are already implemented in robotics just like bObsweep pro, offering us a versatile robotic vacuum cleaner and mop. This amazing unit is designed to work on its own, carrying out the programmed task. In order to read and watch how this robotic unit works, it’s possible to read the numerous bObsweep pro reviews.
About AI Incorporated:
AI Incorporated was established in 2011 in the city of Toronto. It deals with the development of indoor and outdoor robotics, while involving the team of skillful and talented engineers, who believe that the future belongs to robotic devices.

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